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Eric Garces

Coming from a family of musicians, Eric is the only one to go to school for Classical training. Although Eric had industry and performing experience from playing with his family band, he has adopted the vernacular and stylings of Classical music into his overall sound. While studying music, Eric has been a part of performing in various ensembles and chamber music along the way. Eric would then take on his first teaching career as a guitar and music instructor for Continuing Education at Mountain View College. Eric was also chosen to represent Mountain View College by performing and winning the Alice Jones Berding Award in Music and scholarship. After having received his Associates and Bachelors Degrees in Music from colleges and universities such as Mountain View College and the College of Music at the University of North Texas at Denton, Eric had his sights set in pursuing a Masters Degree in Music. Unfortunately, the plans were interrupted by being diagnosed with cancer. Since completing his cancer treatment, Eric has been declared in remission. Not long after, Eric applied and auditioned for the Masters program at Southern Methodist University. Eric is currently completing his Masters Degree in Music Performance and also working as a teaching assistant at Southern Methodist University under the study of internationally-renown Classical Guitarist Robert Guthrie. Eric is also a proud member of the RBR Muzik family and Guitar Faculty as a guitar instructor. “I always look forward to coming to teach at RBR Muzik! I love what they stand for and everyone there is great. Our students are undoubtedly receiving terrific education from outstanding faculty! I know their young creative minds are in good hands.” -Eric Garces

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