Montessori World Müzik

In-school enrichment classes, Infant - Age 6.

Montessori World Muzik

The Montessori World Muzik program is the ONLY pre-school music program designed specifically for the mixed age Montessori classroom.

Our comprehensive four year curriculum integrates music theory,piano basics,Classical Greats and award winning World Music. Our well-rounded program advances with the students as they transition from infant through elementary.

Unlike anything else in the preschool music market today,our program sets the bar for excellence in music education.

Through years of research and classroom implementation,our program uniquely incorporates three of the pillars of the Montessori Method: Sensorial, Language and Cultural Studies. This integration provides schools with a curriculum that flows beautifully into the work and stellar academic environment of the Montessori classroom.

SENSORIAL: Music Theory and Piano Basics

  • Music Theory

Maria Montessori's understanding that a child’s learning is accelerated through hands on learning, is equally important within the study of music. Students are quickly able to grasp difficult music theory patterns through copy/repetition when incorporated into physical movements.

We are the only curriculum that begins teaching students as young as 12 months music theory. Our innovative Beat Basics ™ theory flash cards introduce the complete rhythmic theory pyramid the basis of all of music to the youngest infant/toddler classes. The theory cards advance as the age of the children progress from infant to elementary. The elementary classes are able to clap and tap complex patterns as this will be the perfect foundation for any instrument they study in the future.

Real wooden sticks, correctly toned rhythm bars and soft colored scarves provide sensory exploration and flow beautifully within the child's workspace, while maintaining the Montessori standard of excellence.

  • Piano Basics

Our Piano Basics keyboard cards are designed to give students an early exposure to the piano keyboard. Special poems and techniques are used to simplify the keyboard into an easily graspable format for very young children. This early exposure is the perfect introduction to piano basics and will help foster an appreciationfor a life-long love of music.

CULUTURAL STUDIES: Multi-cultural World Music and Classical Greats

  • World Music

An early introduction to World Music allows children to have a greater rate of diverse language accumulation as well as an appreciation of other cultures. At the end of the year, the program culminates in a rich multicultural music performance that integrates music, dance and customs from a specially selected country.Parents have the opportunity to participate in this dynamic International Music Celebration with their child.

  • Classical Greats

Classical music and it’s history are core components to a child’s complete music education. Through true stories of a composer’s life to listening and moving to one of their original compositions, students enjoy a wonderful fusion of classical music with world history.

LANGUAGE: Cross-curricular integration through geography and multi-language exposure

  • When introduced early, children have the unique ability to grasp multi-language concepts. Our curriculum incorporates award winning music to introduce children to an extensive array of songs from countries around the world. An early introduction to World Music allows children to have a greater rate of diverse language accumulation as well as an appreciation of other cultures.
  • Poetry and simple finger plays form a perfect foundation for the natural rhythm of language. Studies have shown that early exposure to music accelerates a child’s ability to learn their own language.

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