Wine, Cheese and Keys

Adult Group Keyboard Classes


Learn to play a gospel, pop or country song, as you sip wine, laugh and make real music together.

A revolutionary no-fear system to dive into two-hand playing in a 2 hour session.

Perfect for corporate team building, bachelorette parties, or birthday gifts. Hilarious teachers, innovative and cutting edge methods, make piano playing affordable, fun and achievable for anyone with two working hands, an open spirit, and a great sense of humour.

Bring your own wine and cheese.

BOOK NOW! $35 for a 2 hour session. (registration minimums needed)

Each class will have 10 full size key, 61-key keyboards. The students will be given an quick overview of the keyboard map, and the common fears are dispelled:

Top Ten Excuses Why I Can’t Learn to Play Piano

  1. I’m not naturally musical, so I can’t learn to play. False. We are ALL naturally musical, from the first rhythmic beat of our heart. We just need the music to be nurtured in a natural way.
  2. I had piano lessons as a kid, and didn’t learn to play anything, so your method won’t work either because I’m just not musical. False. Music isn’t really that complicated. Once you understand that all of popular music can be broken down into 3 simple chord patterns, anything is possible.
  3. I’m rhythmically challenged, and my 1st grade teacher told me I was tone deaf. False. If you can clap your hands, wiggle your hips and count to four, you can learn to play a song.
  4. I had a teacher who was really strict, and I messed up in a recital and now I can’t play in public without wanting to throw up. False. That’s what the wine is for. Take a sip, sit back and let us put the music back in your fingers.
  5. I can’t read music, so I won’t be able to play anything. False. Our innovative methods simplify the complex terminology into fun poems and teaching systems. You WILL learn to play.
  6. I don’t believe it is possible to teach me to play a song with two hands in a 2 hour class. This is a scam. False. If a student feels like they didn’t learn anything, didn’t have fun, or couldn’t play anything by the end of the class it was because it was because A. They didn’t drink enough wine, or B. They really are not musical, and impossible to teach. That student can have a complete refund.
  7. I don’t have any friends, so I can’t come. False. Come alone and make new friends. Duh. What better way to make friends that learning to play music together?
  8. I have never touched a piano, and I’ll be so bad everyone will laugh at me. False. They might laugh, but they are laughing at themselves, because everyone feels that way. There will be different levels in each class, some with piano playing experience who want to learn a new song etc. The environment is set to teach students with no musical knowledge. Take another sip.
  9. I’m secretly a piano god, and my friends don’t know it. I’m afraid if they find out I can play, they will ask to play at all their weddings. False. First World Problems. Stop whining and start jamming.
  10. I’m too old and the only piano I have ever played is an ap on my iphone. 50 is the new 30. Shh. We won’t tell. Fake it til you make it. That’s what we all do!


NOW STOP WAITING and START PLAYING! $35 for 2 hour session


To quote Elton John, your gift IS your song! Surprise your special someone with a song you learn to sing and play just for them. Our team of professionals will help you choose the right song, right key, and right instrument to perform your priceless gift. Perfect way to surprise your loved one at your wedding, anniversary or special occasion. Your song, your gift. Contact us now to set up your free consultation. Customized packages. Prices will vary.

Why Choose Us


Customized lesson plans to fit all ages and genres of music. Special needs children thrive in a loving environment built to foster their musical goals and abilities. Celebrate progress through Book Graduation Recitals, Trophies, Certificates and the Musical Ladder Wristband System ™.


With over 3,000 square feet, we have the most spacious and parent-friendly waiting area in Irving with comfortable chairs, toys, WI-FI, bottled water service and large observation windows on every door. Our state of the art spacious practice rooms include top of the line upright or grand pianos.


Students are given the opportunity to perform in 2 recitals yearly in a world-class performance hall.


Our award winning faculty, and beautiful new professional Dura-Dance sprung flooring will create the perfect environment to nurture dancers from ages 3 to adult.  RBR offers a dance style for everyone, from classical ballet to salsa and family style ballroom.   Let the joy of classical ballet begin for your child as we introduce them to ballet fundamentals including body alignment, basic ballet technique, terminology, and musicality.  Self-esteem, discipline, and confidence will be nurtured in every student to allow them to flourish to reach their fullest potential as artists.


All students enrolled in PRIVATE lessons are encouraged to attend 60-minute theory/performance classes monthly. Plus, we help students prepare for the “Texas State Theory Test”.


Parents are encouraged to attend the lesson with their child until the child is sight-reading independently.  The parent participation allows the teacher to communicate, as well as allow the parent to record a short segment of the “main point” at the end of each lesson for the child to watch and use during their practice at home. Parents say the children love watching and practicing to these videos so much that the child asks for them to be played just so they can hear the teacher talking just to THEM!


The Suzuki method is the perfect foundation for all styles of music, as the child gets a firm classical foundation based in technique, ear-training and firm mastery of their instrument through the finest classical music in the world. Half the price of other similar programs in the area, we make quality music lessons affordable for everyone.


We are the only music school in Irving that offers music lessons seven days a week, from early in the morning to late at night to accommodate your busy schedule. Convenient morning hours for homeschoolers and seniors.  Busy professionals can take advantage of lunch hour lesson slots.

  • 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM Monday-Friday
  • 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Saturday
  • 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM Sunday


Our students have won local talent competitions and our teachers are dedicated to achieving the students’ long and short term goals.


Every student studies on a month to month basis. Lessons are first come, first serve so contact us today to put yourself or your child scheduled.

We are the only full-service music and arts studio in Irving !!



Email: info@rbrmuzik.com
Phone: 214-446-5225
Address: 3248 Skyway Circle North Irving, Irving, TX 75038
Conveniently located at the corner of Story and Beltline, across the street from GREAT HEARTS.
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